The Old School Brew House

So-Delhi and The Old School Brew House collaborated for a stellar launch party of the Brew House at Gurgaon and I received an invite for the same.On stepping inside, I was astound to see a very pretty sight. The place is designed with vibrant colours and outdoor dining is adding stars to it. 

The immaculate showstopper is having open terrace, smoke BBQ , bar and beautiful props which are perfect to shine up your instagram collection. 

From lamb to dessert each and everything was  delectable. The drinks take you on a next level with the freshly brewed beer and cocktails. And the most amazing thing is;beer brewed in copper barrels instead of the steel ones. Their lager was quite nice, I’d definitely recommend to get a glass to beat the heat. For every dish I tried there was no trace of oil on fingers.The music will definitely make you groove and I must say ambience was very swanky. Perfect place to hangout & chill out with your pals from the past to the present. 


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